Yacht club Odessa

In Odessa, there are a lot of interesting and wonderful places- The Fountain, a monument to Duke, Deribasovskaya Street, Privoz, and Sea Port; you need to visit Odessa, it worth it. Just next to the sea station is located another attraction of the city, the Yacht Club, "Odessa".

It is impossible to imagine Odessa without the sea, and on the sea there are a variety of vessels such as; passenger, freight, public, and private ones. The Odessa Yacht Club's administration and activists do everything possible to promote not only sailing in the city on the Black Sea, but across the country.
For guests and club members in the marine there is a parking lot for yachts organized for almost any type and tonnage. Also at the yacht club you can buy or order any accessories, parts, supplies, clothing, and more. All products meet all European standards, requirements and are products of the highest quality.

Yacht-club "Odessa" is located on the Commercial Seaport of Odessa. The water area of the marina has an area of 16.5 thousand square meters. m with depths of10 meters and is designed for simultaneous parking of about 100 yachts, including ones that are more than 30 meters long. In the marina they have a diesel station for fueling up. Berths are equipped with columns for electrical service and water in accordance with international standards.
Heated slipways are located on the shore; you can use them for boat storage during the winter period; the total area of them is 1250 square meters, lockers for storage of yacht equipment, and car parking. The Yacht Club provides after-sales service and yacht repair, and cleaning hulls in the water by divers. Inside the yacht club is the club of business communication "wardroom" and on the quays marina restaurant, cafe, and bar Di-Mare.