You will need to specify the date and time of the lease duration, the number of people, and in the comments section you can write your wishes or order additional services.
Minimum lease of yachts is 2 hours. If you're going bring a big company, then it is possible to order two boats which we will get to next. This allows you to organize an excellent photo shoot, not to mention the opportunity to race in the water. After submitting an e-mail with our manager we will contact you, confirm your order and agree with you on the commission payment. To reserve a yacht you have to make a down payment of 100 USD.
IMPORTANT! If you cancel the tour the deposit will not be refunded!
Full payment (less the advance payment) is made before boarding the yacht at the Yacht Club of Odessa sea port. Here is the service agreement, which stipulates all the details written down and rest. For yachting, each passenger must have a passport. At the sea port area there is a guarded parking lot.

Some regulations and recommendations during tours on yachts:
- All organizational matters are subject to the captain of the yacht;
- Respect the yacht owner, refer carefully to his property; do not leave behind trash, and do not throw trash overboard;
- Think through in advance about measures to protect against sea-sickness;
- You should take clothes for the possibility of bad weather (such as sweaters and track suits), as well as high frivolity into the sea. On yachts they have warm blankets and jackets for guests.
- On a yacht or boat it's desirable to wear special shoes called topsiders. They are usually made of leather and a special non-slip soles. You can also wear other soft shoes (running shoes, sneakers)