Odessa Guide

The famous resort, the famous Black Sea port, the city of seamen and fishermen, its the opinion of people who live in Odessa. Like many other cities Odessa is proud of established usages, many great people come from Odessa, literary artists and humorists. There is hardly a human who would not like to spend a vacation in Odessa. Odessa is a big trading centre situated in the south-western part of Ukraine. The population of the city is 1,029,000 its a big European city. Odessa has more than 200 years old history.
Odessa is an interesting and lovely place in Ukraine. This cozy city is the main industrial, cultural, scientific and tourist center at the Black Sea coast. The population of the city is multicultural and consists mainly of Ukrainians, Russians, and Jews. We invite you to take a journey to Odessa. You can enjoy sun in Odessa almost round the year. Every visitor can find in Odessa , restaourants, cafes and bars. Most popular:
Irish Pub 13 Deribasovskaya +38 048 721-53-33
Fankoni 12 Ekaterininskaya +38 048 737-21-73
Hali Gali Chaikoskovo 18 +38 0482 22-17-18
Kumanetz 7 Gavannaya St +38 0482 37-69-46
And we are not surprised at all . Any time of the year, every person who comes to Odessa can find special Odessa. Winter vacation offers many special curiosities - the real city of Odessa. You have an opportunity to see old city's streets, restaurants and cafes, and walk up the Potemkin Steps . On summer vacations active people can enjoy rest at the sea in Odessa. Organized beaches and infrastructure make every guest of the city want to tan and to bathe. Foreign tourists and guests want to visit Odessa Ukraine for summer recess . And it is natural because your stay at Odessa can be a real joy. The resorts, amusement and recreation facilities in Odessa are waiting for visitors. Walk through the cozy squares, walk through Frantsuskij Boulevard, or visit night clubs of Odessa. If you are looking for more fun, then on the beach you can also try out water skis, roller coaster, parachute. On the waterside of Odessa you can watch plenty of sharming and hot Ukrainian girls who are the prettiest on the land. This implies that a comfortable leave in Odessa is bestowed to you. Accordingly , the crowds of voyager pulling to recline at the seaside in Odessa keeps on growing . The burghers of Odessa are contented to live in Odessa. This city has a large quantity of universities between which the university of Odessa, Odessa National Polytechnic University and else colleges; Odessa has nice magnetisms like the Spaso- Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral, other educational establishments, museums and theaters:
Odessa Archaeological Muzeum
The house - Pushkin's
Museum Fine Arts
Museum of Odessa
Museum of Western and Eastern art
literature museum Odessa
Museum of Partisan
Glory Memorial of heroic defense
Many outstanding persons dwelt here at different times. A number of very good comedians , who were demonstrated in Odessa during the last century,, have obtained a regard as the main city of the separate Russian jokes. The not new hamlet is built in contradictory architectural vogues from tsars till presidents' time. On the boulevards of the city you can wander at any season, seeing the special charm of the fairy tale living in archaic houses . Don't leave the mind to find enjoyment in the ramble through the Deribasovskaya Street - the badge of Odessa to see the people of Odessa.