Sea fishing in Odessa

Odessa Yacht Club offers the feel and excitement of a hunter, taking photographs of caught fish, and enjoying the unforgettable beauty of the Black Sea coast. Sea fishing is so addictive that it makes you forget about everything else. A professional team will provide you with the necessary equipment for a rich catch. This tour will appeal to all family members, especially children. After all, the charm of sea fishing is in its simplicity. As a rule, schooling saltwater fish are caught well on bare hooks and you do not have to wait hours for a bite.

They have night fishing for croaker and rockfish which is great for lovers of new sensations. Offer fans trolling fishing experience happiness in the autumn, when fishing for predatory fish. At the end of a fishing tour, you will appreciate the taste of freshly caught Black Sea fish, cooked according to old recipes from Odessa.

Traditionally amateurs of underwater fishing like to come to Odessa. Also you can fish here for crabs, shellfish, mussels and brine. And recently fishing for spurdog has gained popularity in the Black Sea. You can rent a boat specifically to enjoy your hobby of fishing.