Yacht Royal Maris:

The magnificent twin mast sailing motor yacht is almost 30 meters long, with a luxurious interior design, decks and cabins. It's ideal for leisure at sea by large companies that enjoy speed and luxury.
- Dimensions yachts: 26 x 6.8 m;
- Cabins, 6 Guests, up to 18 people.;
- Cruising speed: 10 knots;
- Year built: 2004 (re - 2008);
- Rental price (per hour): 500 USD
- per day: 5000 USD

Cater Prince

This crisp white vessel knowingly takes its name; it is like a royal origin. The boat "Princess" was created for cleaving sea waves, putting fresh wind in your face, and for a having wonderful holiday in a sophisticated salon. Boats in Odessa, renting boats Prince.
Dimensions boats: 14 x 4.2 m;
Cabins, guest, three, up to 8 people.;
Cruising speed: 34 knots;
Year built: 2006;
The cost of rental boats (per hour): 400 USD

The boat "Atlanta" (Atlanta)

This roomy boat (motor boat) is capable of speeds up to 34 knots (63 km / h), with a luxurious interior and excellent technical equipment. Yachts in Odessa, renting yachts. Yacht Atlanta.
Dimensions yacht: 12.9 x 4.21 m;
Number of cabins, guests: two to 12 (comfortable 8-10);
Cruising speed: 34 knots;
Rental price (per hour): 400 USD per night (for two-day tour): 2250 USD